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Sportsmanship Reminders

Dani Shahin - Girls Soccer (10/21/20)
How did you train for your sport during quarantine?
  • During quarantine in order to stay in shape I ran around my neighborhood a lot alone so I could maintain my shape. I bought weights as well so that I was able to do the workouts that my trainer provided for me on an app. I also have a soccer rebounder so I was able to use that to train with a ball. 

Sadly spring season was canceled last year, what are some things you were looking forward to with your team?

  • When I heard that school was canceled I was praying sports weren’t because I had been working really hard all year to be able to play. I had a bad fall season and was looking forward to the spring to play for my school surrounded by my friends and family. I was looking forward to being a captain this year and leading my team to a state championship! I knew we could’ve gone all the way. I was looking forward to the new bonds I would create and the last memories with the seniors. Unfortunately, we never got a season but I am hoping and praying for one this spring to finish out my senior year. 

How did you and your team stay in contact during quarantine?

  • During quarantine, my team and I actually stayed in very good contact. We would text all the time and would group facetime a lot. We also had a few zoom calls with our coaches as well to stay in touch and make sure everyone is doing well and staying healthy!

What did you think about online school last year?

  • Online school last year was hard at first because everyone was still upset about sports being canceled and not being able to leave the house or do anything other than sit in the house all day. This year it has gotten a lot better because it is more of a routine now and last year it was all new and hard to adjust to. 

Personally, do you think corona affected you as an athlete?

  • Personally, COVID-19 has made me a better athlete because I had to think about how I can continue to develop and eat healthy to stay in good shape. Corona made it all about mental strength to be able to get out of bed and say I need to go on a run. There were days where I didn’t want to and I was super lazy but I had to push myself because I knew in the future that it would benefit me. It has made me feel more independent because there was barely any motivation to get out of the house. I am not able to practice and play club games with my team which I am very happy about. 

What’s your favorite memory with your team?

  • My favorite memory with my team is when we won districts back to back years and we were going for a 3-peat this year. We are all very hard workers and fight until the end!

During quarantine we had lots of free time, were there any new hobbies you picked up?

  • Sadly I didn’t pick up any new hobbies but I just worked out a lot more and would tan a lot haha! 

What motivated you to practice/train during a time when most people were doing nothing?

  • My mom and my trainer motivated me the most. My trainer would text me if I didn’t do the workout on the app and motivate me to go out and do it. My mom would push me if I was lazy and tell me in the future. My mom has always been my biggest supporter!

What is one thing you love most about your sport?

  • What I love most about soccer is that when I'm on the field I feel like I’m in a different world. I’m in my own element and nothing else is going on except for the game I’m playing. I’ve been dedicated to this sport since I was 3 years old and it makes me so happy. I love the friendships that you gain that feel like family, I love the coaches that push you to be the best, and my family and friends that support me no matter what. 

Quarantine was a unique time for everyone, what is one thing you learned during your time at home?

  • I learned how to be more independent and manage my time better. I also learned how to become better at self-motivating. 

Last question, did you hop on any tik tok trends?!

  • Oh of course! I’m literally the best dancer ever like who wants a competition?! I’m famous, check me out hahaha!

Chris Odom - Boys Soccer (10/16/20)

How did you train for your sport during quarantine?

  • For the most part I just trained by myself and with friends, but my team’s practices started up again in July and our games started up again in September, my coach also hosted a few zoom practices weekly.

Personally, do you think corona affected you as an athlete?

  • I do think corona affected me as an athlete. I mean it just changed my whole dynamic, one day I was having school 5 days a week, practice for highschool 5 days a week, travel 3 days a week, and game on the weekends. For that to all just be gone in a week was crazy and really hard to come back from. But with hard work and persistence, I think I have come back around to the athlete I was pre-covid.

What did you think about online school last year?

  • I think online school is the best it can be. Nobody and I mean nobody expected us in March to just stop school completely. And yes, at times it was boring and dysfunctional, but I learned everything I needed and felt prepared for the next year.

Quarantine was a unique time for everyone, what is one thing you learned during your time at home?

  • I learned that your destiny is solely up to you. It took me a month after quarantine to go out running and I just really let myself slack off. I already knew that I was in control but I really saw it during quarantine.

During quarantine we had lots of free time, are there any new hobbies you picked up?

  • During quarantine, I watched an insane amount of tiktok and gaming but a hobby I picked up was running. I have always really enjoyed running, but only did it when I was playing soccer, but I did running by myself a lot during quarantine and it was actually a lot of fun.