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The Stallion Way
Please read The Stallion Way team contract, enter your student & parent contact, and consent agreement information below.


South County High School

2018-2019 Boys Lacrosse

Team Contract & Lettering Criteria


1.    I will have fun playing lacrosse every day.


2.    I will display proper sportsmanship as mandated by the VHSL during practices and games.


3.    I will follow and adhere to FCPS rules and regulations related to student conduct and academics, and will remain in compliance with the FCPS Participation Policy.


4.    I will attend all of my scheduled academic classes and perform to the best of my abilities in those classes.  I understand that 1 unexcused absence from any academic class will result in a ½ game suspension, 2 unexcused absences will result in a full game suspension and 3 unexcused absences will result in termination from the team.


5.    I will maintain a C or better in all of my courses during the season.  If any of my grades fall below a C I will attend mandatory study hall sessions, until the grade(s) has been raised to a C or better.


6.    I will maintain proper care of school issued equipment, return it upon request, and pay the replacement cost of any lost or damaged equipment.


7.    I will be at practice and prepared to play at the scheduled time.  If I am going to miss or be late, I will notify Coach Heller (Varsity) or Coach Conlin(JV) in writing (via e-mail) with at least 24 hours notice, so that the coaching staff has time to prepare for my absence.  3 unexcused tardies = 1 absence, 3 unexcused absences = dismissal from the team.


8.    I will refrain from the use of profanity and I will refrain from making derogatory comments about a participant’s race, culture, or personal character.  Comments of this nature may result in an immediate suspension from the team.


9.    I will respect my teammates, opponents, officials, fans, managers, school staff, coaching staff and their property.  I understand that vandalism or theft of any kind is prohibited.


10.  I will act in a manner that will bring respect and pride to my family, the school, the lacrosse program, my teammates and coaches, and the South County community as a whole.


11.  I will not engage in any fight or altercation with anyone at any time.  I understand that fighting will result in immediate suspension from the team.


12.  I will not drive to practice or games.  I understand that a parent (prearranged) or a bus driver must drive me to all events away from school grounds. (Exception: South Run Practices with proper permission forms signed)


13.  I will refrain from bragging about our team and posting derogatory comments about anyone to any online lacrosse forum or social media site.


14.  I will practice hard with game like intensity every day.


15.  I will work on my game in my own time.


16.  I will use proper techniques, strive to stay penalty free, and minimize mental errors through focused preparation.


17.  I will sprint on & off the field, and to & from drills in games and practice.


18.  I will always play to the whistle, always play my hardest all 4 quarters, and always strive to do my best and settle for nothing less. 


19.  I will “make the next play” after a mistake.


20.   I will always strive to make the team, my teammates and myself better with every opportunity.


21.  I will be a champion every day.


Any player in violation of the Stallion Way will receive one or more of the following consequences:

·         Additional duties before, during, and after practice and games.

·         Extended conditioning before, during, and after practice.

·         Reduced playing time.

·         Suspension from practices and games.

·         Termination from the team.


Lettering Criteria


  • Student must be in good academic standing throughout the season, and continue to be eligible according to all VHSL, Fairfax County policies and the Stallion Way Team Contract.
  • Student must finish the entire season with the team.
  • Student must maintain regular attendance at practices, meetings, games and team functions.
  • Student must play in at least four varsity level games.
  • Student must display proper sportsmanship when representing South County High School, our community and our lacrosse program.

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